Its taste is much more pleasant than its name – Civet Coffee (FYI…Coffee of Cat Feces)



Few days ago, me and my family happened to have the mood for a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Stored in the exhibit kitchen cabinet, there is a simple vacuum coffee maker. And grandma has bought civet coffee beans when she went to Vietnam roughly a month ago. Watching the brewing process while immersing ourselves in the smell of brewing coffee is just a wonderful experience. You can hear the bubbling sound from the boiled water and steams. You can smell the special scent from the coffee that you wouldn’t imagine the very original ingredient of it are feces from a cat. Cats that provide the key ingredient are no regular cats. They are being fed with high class and special animal feeds. And their “fresh products” undergo special treatments for multiple stages. If you happen to have a chance to visit Shanghai, I know they have these cafe named “Cat Feces Cafe” (written in Chinese of course) very near XinTianDi and TianZiFang. I am not going to actually describe how the coffee taste here. I can only say that I can taste the reason that makes people love it. And if you are a coffee lover, it is something you should try :)

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